Terra Nova Motion Comic



In 2011, a new TV show began airing based on the concept that in the not-too-distant future, humans had achieved one-way time travel (to an alternate universe's past) but had also polluted their world greatly. They used the time machine to journey back to the prehistoric era, with their technology, to build a colony called Terra Nova.

Unfortunately the show was axed after one series but Fox decided to let fans create their own Motion Comic to craft their own ending to the series. Using various image and sound assets provided, they could be edited into a video. I saw this as a nice challenge - I had recently been video editing (using Sony Vegas) and I was a fan of Terra Nova.

My process was quite a strange one - rather than see the assets and plan ahead, I simply grabbed a few, placed them into the timeline and rearranged them, making up a story along the way. It worked surprisingly well, however there were only 3 characters included in the assets meaning that story potential was incredibly limited. There was also frequent use of the Moon which led me to take them to a Moonbase.