Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Earlier this week I was talked into my first run of Pokémon Omega Ruby being a Nuzlocke run. I don't do Nuzlockes on my games for the main reason that once I have started a game, I don't start again. I am too attached to the Pokémon I have caught and start a new game means saying goodbye to them. I was fine with this when I was younger but I am more emotionally invested now than I was back then. By doing a Nuzlocke as my first run, it means I get to start over and do it properly my way once I'm finished.

Me being me, I decided I wanted a way to track stuff. So I made a small website containing information, including silhouetted gym leaders (and Elite Four) at the bottom of each page and a map/trainer card combination that updates dynamically.

The website can be found here.