Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Word Score

I went for a long weekend away at Centre Parcs in April this year and played a needlessly long game of Scrabble. Part of the reason this game was so long was because people kept having to recalculate their scores. After returning home, I decided to work on an app for that, entitled Word Score. This has resulted in a published Android app and an experimental C++ console window version.

With Android, I am more familiar with pushing my own graphics to the screen. I never really used the layouts because there are a ton of different devices out this can mean designing different layouts for different devices. I'd much prefer to have a one size fits all design, using some kind of scaling system. Previously I had only had my phone, which only runs 2.2, to develop and test on, however I had recently purchased a tablet that was capable of running 4.4 meaning I could test on both the lowest and highest supported Android versions that I chose to target, and a small and large screen.