Saturday, 15 February 2014

World of the Spritz - Work in Progress

You can download the current version here.

At the start of last month I came across something called One Game a Month. The premise is that you have one month to make a game. There is a given theme, should you choose to use it, but the overall goal is to just have fun.

In the free time that I had (which wasn't as much as I had been expecting, to be honest), I worked on something called World of the Spritz. Not being confident enough to attempt to create a game in C++, and learn as I made it (I want to sit down and do long sessions rather than constant jump-starts, which is all I'm really able to do at the moment), I decided I had three options: C# with Unity, Java for Android or Game Maker. I'd not used the latter for a while, and I felt I could get further with it.

World of the Spritz is a 2D platformer. Each level has an end-goal and collectables (known as the Spritz orbs). Some levels also have enemies that roam from left to right. Along with simply jumping over blocks and obstacles, there are grapple ropes that the player can use to cross gaps. Dying in a level (falling into a pit, or taking 3 hits from enemies) causes the player to respawn at the start.
The World Map