Sunday, 13 January 2013

Modern Family

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Since it first launched a year ago in the UK, I have been a subscriber to Netflix. It's fair to say that, along with Power Rangers Samurai's launch in 2011, it rekindled my love for Power Rangers. It also allowed me to finish watching the fantastic Arrested Development, get into Dollhouse (I need to start watching that again), and some other fantastic series that I either never watched when they were first aired or that I loved from my childhood.

About a week ago, I watched the first episode of Modern Family. A couple of days later I watched the next one. And then on Wednesday, episode 4 got me hooked. In fact, I have wasted 2 full-charges of the Wii U GamePad on solely watching Modern Family on Netflix.

Some of my favourite moments have been the end of episode 4 (I'm not spoiling it), Phil's birthday (the iPad episode), Hawaii, a woman declaring that she does not want to be an Asian stereotype before becoming an Asian stereotype, Phil and Claire's Valentine's Day, and one of the moments which made me realise that this wasn't just a comedy - Alex, a 13 year old, telling her mother that she was sorry for her actions in what was quite an emotional speech. Of course, she then turned around and asked for money which turned it back into a comedy but that's what the best comedies do - tear your heart out and then tickle you.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Excerpt - Wife

This was originally posted on an alternate blog.

The following is another excerpt from my book. This one is called "Wife".

Friday, 11 January 2013

Excerpt - Jacket

This was originally posted on an alternate blog.

Here is another excerpt from my book based on a dream I had. It is called "Jacket".

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


This was originally posted on an alternate blog.

For many years I have attempted to write books. When I was considerably younger, I sent off an adaptation of Digimon: The Movie to the publisher Scholastic. It was written in felt-tip on folded up A4-paper equipped with drawings of the Digimon. I had yet to see Digimon: The Movie.

Several weeks, and I assume many laughs from the publisher, later, I got a letter back which explained that proper writers did their books and they hoped that I enjoyed Pokémon too because they had enclosed the book versions of Pikachu's Adventure, the short that accompanied Pokémon: The First Movie, and Pokémon: The Movie 2000.

Since then I attempted my own tales but usually got stumped at around page 20 since my stories naturally came to a close. The most amount of story that I have managed are scripts. I was a writer for two series of a Doctor Who fan-fiction series. The first script was reviewed as average which I was fairly happy with considering it was the first script I had written. The second was reviewed positively and I was praised for my ability to write natural comedy.

I have also written a couple of movie scripts. The first is titled Land of the Elders and comes in at 102 pages, written for the Script Frenzy contest. The second is the first in a trilogy entitled Time Keepers. That came in at 129 pages. I am part-way through writing a Power Rangers movie which acts as a more mature reboot to the original series.

Back to my main point, for Christmas I received two books written by Danny Wallace entitled Awkward Situations for Men and More Awkward Situations for Men. Both are short but funny stories regarding awkward situations which Danny Wallace has been in. I realised that I also have some stories, perhaps some even more bizzare that this, which I could tell. So that is my current book project - a rip-off.