Monday, 17 June 2013

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary #2: Life's a Musical

Whereas the last instalment of the diary consisted of 3 days of playing, this all happened today. It was quite eventful - paying off another of Tom Nook's loan, starting work on constructing a campsite and visiting the island. That 1,000 Bells charge to go to the island seemed a little steep but, dear lord, it pays off quickly. Also, you are treated to a song on each trip to and from the island.

What the... Where the hell have you taken me, witch?

... OK?

She may wear armor. Or, Nintendo didn't do so well in localisation since it's armour.

Now I can ask "Why can't Villager crawl?"

Me. No. Speak. Espanol. Except for "Donde esta la Biblioteca? Me llamo T-Bone..."

Song time.

Is he saying he wants to shove the world up his bottom?

Sti-ink bugs.


I will take my chances. No matter how slim.

I'm not sure what he's getting at here.

That should keep me pumped!

What if they don't need the sun?

Clouds are OK, I guess.

Who says "It's raining out. No dinner tonight."?

Told you the island paid for itself. That's for only half my inventory.

I thought you said you had a wife...

I sure hope he doesn't take me to Vietnam because of the hat I'm wearing.

You are good, Kapp'n. But don't think that highly of yourself.

I think he's jealous of my hair.

I couldn't possibly tell you. This game is rated 3+.