Sunday, 16 June 2013

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary #1: It's Full of Jokes

When I'd told my parents to get Animal Crossing: Wild World for my brother one Christmas, I wanted to know why he hadn't played it months later. So, just like with his copy of Minish Cap, I started playing and got hopelessly addicted. The thing about Minish Cap, though, is that it has an ending. Granted, I never actually saw that ending (I reached the final boss and never beat him, until the 3DS release) but the point still stands - Minish Cap's ending is where the addiction ends. Animal Crossing's never-endingness means the addiction has no ending. Until you forget about it, return to your town and see weeds have grown everywhere and just give up.

The same thing happened with Let's Go to the City (or for you Americans - City Folk), only I asked for it. So surely, the same thing is going to happen with New Leaf? Probably. Anyway, here's a diary of the first few days, accompanied by screenshots.
My journey begins as Mayor Dan of Dantown (I couldn't think of another name). Also, Isabelle will help me in "any way" she can. Any way.

OK. She probably can't help me.

I meet with my arch-nemesis, Thomas Nook. Don't let his charm confuse you into thinking he isn't an evil raccoon. Because he is.

Yes, Thomas Nook. I would like to build my house here. Or get contractors in to do it for me. I'll probably be too busy catching bugs or fishing for... fish.

Yes, Thomas. This house is perfect...

.... I told you he was evil. WTF is this?

Do not be alarmed! This is Timmy Nook, Thomas' nephew. He's not as evil. (He might actually be Tommy Nook. Raccoons. They all look the same)

I don't understand this joke. Or why the boot managed to swim towards my rod. (Not a euphemism)

Haha. I get this joke.

Haha. Because it wants to be three things. I get this joke, too.

My first fortune from a fortune cookie. It was sold to me by one of the less-evil raccoons.

You know that tent? He's charging me for it. I wanted a bloody house!

Villager looks mystified by a rock breaking.

This is not what is looks like...

Just in case you didn't guess from the fish jokes earlier, this game is full of jokes.

You WHAT?!?

Another fortune cookie. Also, my character is high. Or being racist in that hat from Vietnam.

Winning the Bug-Off.

A third fortune cookie. I got a Yoshi egg as a reward.

I have no idea what I'm flogging her, but it must be good.

These two marks are where I face planted the sand. You spend two days not falling over at all...

...and then it's all you can do.