Thursday, 6 October 2011


In the past decade the way we listened to music was revolutionised. While the Walkman already allowed you to listen to music on the go, the iPod allowed you to listen to digital copies of any music in your existing collection. In addition to that, iTunes allowed you to expand that collection with downloads. While it isn't exactly the best, it worked and was one of the first to offer this experience. Soon this iBrand evolved into phones and, more recently, tablets. The iPad is now being used in schools and hospitals across the world to teach pupils in new ways and help patients through their illnesses, either in recovery or for some relief in those gloomy days. And this will continue in the years to come.

While the iPods I have owned have added much to my life by allowing me to listen to music freely, or just have sessions of Angry Birds or Solitaire instead of going to sleep, there is one thing which Steve Jobs did that I am more grateful for. Pixar. Even in those early days when it was failing, he was determined to make something out of it. And that determination is inspirational to me. Without him there would have been no Toy Story - the first in feature length 3D animation, no Monsters Inc and no Up. Upon hearing the sad news an hour ago I felt as I did while watching that scene in Up (about 1:20 into the video).

So rest in peace Steve. Your legacy will remain here forever. And while you're up there, there's another guy who inspired me like you have. Say hi to him. His name is Rob.