Thursday, 31 March 2011

Review - Pilotwings Resort [3DS]

Last Friday saw the European release of Nintendo's latest handheld, the 3DS, which features a similar design to their previous DS models but includes a rather large difference - viewing 3D images without the need for special glasses. Among the launch games were a mixture of titles, 3 being Nintendogs + Cats variations, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and Pilotwings Resort to name just a few. So how exactly does Pilotwings hold up?

Pilotwings has had its criticisms for being too short and to be fair if you are one of those players who completes every level regardless of score then it is. In fact playing it that way, and getting the stars required to progress to the next set of levels, you will only have 39 missions to play. There are a total of 5 different sets of missions - Novice and Bronze both have 6 missions while Silver, Gold and Platinum have 9. These are split into 3 sets for each of the different vehicle types and have their own objectives to complete - as the plane you usually have to fly through rings, as the jet pack you have to land on pads, and as the glider you have to keep up enough speed to land at the end. With the mission classes, the difficulty increases and the 3 Star rating system explains how well you have done.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Where Pokémon Goes Next

*Spoiler Alert: Go and complete the new Pokémons and then come back. Tis important*

Since completing the English version of Pokémon White ages ago (it feels like it, in reality it has been just under two weeks), I wanted more. And while White provides me with more with battles against high level trainers each day in Nimbassa City's Sports Domes and the posh little place in that town with the diving spots and Cynthia, along with the ability to catch some older Pocket Monsters, it isn't quite giving me what I want. I want to know what happened to N. I grew attached to the fella. I felt sorry for him. He was abused and abandoned and if I could sponsor him for just £2 a month then I would.

He wanted what he thought was best for the Pokémon and after I finally kicked the shit out of Ghetsis' flipping Hydriegon (I hear /vp/ have been having a lot of trouble with that waste of space too), he flew off to another region and after catching the Seven Sages bar Ghetsis, Agent Looker revealed that he was going to go looking for N. And why bar Ghetsis? Because he managed to slip away. How I despise of that monster.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Review - Pokémon White Version

Format: DS, Developer: Game Freak, Publisher: Nintendo

If I were to begin saying that I hated Pokémon then I would be telling you a lie. I've been a fan of the series since it was introduced over here and somehow I could never leave it behind, unlike many other people my age. Unfortunately those people are now hooked on smack instead and being alcoholic antisocial pricks but that is another story (as if I have just linked Pokémon to alcoholism). But anyway on the morning of March 4th 2011 I got up and had the usual shower, spending more time waiting for the water to get warm than anything else, got dressed and then skipped happily along the road. OK that's a lie too. I walked up the grim road, crossed over the train station bridge, crossed again to head to McDonalds but instead carried on past it and turned right at the roundabout before continuing on for 10 minutes to arrive at Gamestation. In here was a group of chavs looking at 360 games, or probably trying to steal the 360 that was there with Test Drive Unlimited 2 inside. I pick up the display case for Pokémon White, proceeded to the till, handed my money over, told the guy I had already pre-ordered the 3DS so he needed take my details and then walked the reverse to the route I had to get there.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Evolving a Series: Pokémon

It should come as no surprise to you that I love Pokémon, in fact it is the only series other than Mario that I have continued playing past my childhood (sorry there Crash but where have you been?). Ever since I first got my hands on the Blue version (although I debate with myself exactly when I got it) I have loved the series. Of course back then I had the Game Boy and the PS1 and despite asking for an N64 every Christmas for about 5 years, I never got one. That meant I missed out on the two Stadiums and Snap (although I now own Snap on the Virtual Console), but Blue and Silver on the Game Boy provided me with my fix alongside the animé and the films.

Since then I got Ruby and FireRed on the GBA, Colosseum and Channel on the Gamecube, Pearl, Platinum and SoulSilver on the DS and more recently, last Friday in fact, Pokémon White. And each instalment on the handhelds are brilliant. The console games I own are brilliant in their own right too. Snap's simple idea of going through a series of on-rail levels and moving the camera to take pictures of Pokémon. Even though I first played it, and completed it, in December 2007 I am surprised that since its original release that a follow-up has never been made.