Friday, 31 December 2010

Review: Doctor Who - Return to Earth

Doctor Who is great. The fact that it has been going for 47 years proves that (yes there was a slight 16 year niggle but never mind). The Wii is great. Sales and excellent titles prove that. The Wii is also home to a whole plethora of shovelware (always wanted to use that word, plethora that is not shovelware). But never would I have thought that a Doctor Who game on the Wii would be shovelware. Actually it sort of isn't but let's get started.

Return to Earth features Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as the voices of the Doctor and Amy Pond and is written by Oli Smith who has written some Doctor Who books (and the DS game Evacuation Earth which I will review in the future). But right from the word go it is broken. When selecting the Disc Channel on the Wii Menu you are normally greeted with some music or a soundclip from the game. Here you get the theme tune. From 2005. I have read reviews before playing this saying just how bad it was but when you screw up the music at the very first point of getting to play the game kind of shows just how wrong this whole affair is.